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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child qualify for free tutoring?

Your child may qualify FREE tutoring in English, math, reading or AzMerit test preparation if he or she attends a qualified school. Please contact A Road 2 Learning LLC to find out if your student qualifies for FREE tutoring.

Children enrolled in Title I schools that have not met state performance requirements for more than a year are eligible for free tutoring or remedial help known as "Supplemental Educational Services" (SES) under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.   Available for subjects such as reading, language arts and math, tutoring can be provided before or after school, in the evenings and/or on weekends.
How does the process work?

If your child qualifies, one of our representatives will meet with you and your child to identify tutoring goals and design an instruction plan that meets your child's educational needs.  We will also determine the length of time and tutoring location, and assign a highly qualified instructor to begin the tutoring program with your child.
When and where does the tutoring take place?

Every effort is made to ensure tutoring takes place at a location most convenient for you. Schedules are flexible and services are available before and after school hours and evenings/weekends.  All tutoring is conducted in person at a local school, library or other convenient public location.
How many students per tutor?

Tutor/student ratios typically do not exceed 1:5 and are often smaller, allowing for personalized attention.  We also make every effort to ensure that students remain with the same tutor throughout the length of their program
How can I monitor my child's progress?

Your Student's progress is continually measured and reported to you throughout the program.  A Road 2 Learning tutors typically compile monthly progress reports for parents and school teachers/administrators.
What is the curriculum like?

Instruction materials are individualized to achieve desired results.  All material is research-based and geared towards achieving high scores on AzMerit.
Why is tutoring more effective than classroom learning?

Tutoring gives your child the kind of one-on-one attention that learning centers and study groups just can't provide. Recent studies show that a quality tutoring program helps students achieve academic success, raise confidence levels, and foster a positive attitude toward learning. Your child will develop better study habits, and more importantly, improve their test scores and grades!
Why choose A Road 2 Learning tutoring services?

We provide the flexibility that you and your child need and we will work with you to set up a schedule that accommodates you and your family's needs.

Our tutors come from a vast background with experiences in education and training. Tutors are trained on topics such as teaching methods, building rapport and individualizing the tutoring experience. They provide quality tutoring to students of all ages and learning capacities, focusing on:
  • Personal growth
  • Promoting a love for education
  • Enhancing the development of the student's subject matter knowledge
From the first phone call, to the final tutoring session, A Road 2 Learning offers truly personalized attention with one-on-one instruction. Before working with your student, we assess their strengths and limitations in the content area and conduct a school attitudes/interest survey. Instruction techniques and materials are then developed and customized based on the information gathered during this initial assessment.

Contact A Road 2 Learning

Our mission at A Road 2 Learning is to offer customized, innovative educational services for students of all skill levels and ages. Please contact us at A Road 2 Learning, 1-866-279-2233 to make an appointment today! You can also reach us with any educational questions that you may have through the Contact Us Page.