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Reading Tutoring

 If a child is behind on reading, it can greatly affect their performance in all areas of their education.  A Road 2 Learning’s proven instructional program in reading develops lifelong learning skills -- and it's completely FREE to students attending qualified Title I schools.  With a strong focus on comprehension and vocabulary, this program is equally effective for native as well as non-native English speakers.

After an initial consultation and skills assessment, we'll design a personalized program for your child and a schedule that fits your needs.  Our curriculum is based on skills measured by AzMerit, specifically the reading process, and comprehending literary and informational texts.  
  • Up to 90 hours of FREE tutoring a season
  • Flexible, after school, evening and weekend tutoring schedules
  • Tutoring can occur: before and after school, during P.E. or study hall/free period
  • Personalized attention from qualified tutors
  • Progress measurement and monitoring
  • Approved by the Arizona Dept. of Education and used by many school districts throughout the state

Contact A Road 2 Learning

To get more information on our reading tutoring programs that are available, give us a call at 1-866-279-2233 today and speak with one of our advisors. You can also reach us with any reading tutoring questions through the Contact Us page.