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Information on Training and Tutoring with A Road 2 Learning

Tutoring Services

 At A Road 2 Learning we believe every student is unique and has the potential to thrive academically and creatively when given the proper guidance and tools.  We offer qualified tutoring programs for all grade levels in math, reading, English language proficiency, AzMerit test preparation as well as Summer Learning Academies for K-12 students.

Our proven approach starts with an initial consultation and assessment of your child's needs.  We then craft an individualized learning program designed to strengthen academic performance and build self confidence.  Finally, we match your child with a qualified tutor and set up a location and schedule that works best for you.

To ensure continuous progress towards academic goals, we pre-and post-test every student and provide parents with regular progress reports.

Tutoring Services

Contact A Road 2 Learning

To get more information on the tutoring programs that are available, give us a call at 1-866-279-2233 today and speak with one of our advisors. You can also reach us with any tutoring questions through the Contact Us page.